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The Characters

Lesbian Straits has great characters, from 11-year-old Sunshine to 70-something Lurlene. There has never been a cast of character like those in Lesbian Straits.

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Amy Boyd



Tina D'Elia


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Fontana Butterfield



Sarah Keene



Jacqueline McCall



Hayley Hirsch



Joanna Mahaffy



Sandra Valls



Marni Harris


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Diane Amos

Cruise Host

Jody Evers. Jody is trying to hold it all together. She is balancing her life’s dream of producing a video in the hopes of winning a big award while dealing with her cougar mother’s constant attraction to much younger women. Meanwhile, Jody’s secrets are coming back to haunt her, threatening to wreak havoc on her relationships with her mother, wife and friends.


Jill.   Jill and Jody have been together way too long. Lesbian bed death is a reality and Jill is fed up with Jody’s “half in, half out”. She is ready to fly the coop and marry her best friend: her neurotic former therapist.


Robin.  This lesbian lothario is a neurotic therapist who has her eye on her best friend, former client and former bed partner. But will this gamey gal win or lose at love?


Laura.  What to make of Laura? She is controlling, sarcastic, lonely and bitter. But is there a heart of gold within her crusty ticker? Or has her enduring secret made her forget how to love and laugh?  


Marty.  Marty has been cast in "Asylum" Jody's questionably good horror movie. And if she ever gets a girlfriend, she's checking out of the movie business.


Lurlene Corliss.   Rich, elegant, classy and a bit ditzy, Lurlene has a hankering for younger women. She is generous and kind but a deeply held secret and her latest paramour will lead down the darkest path she’s ever traveled.


Adele.  Lurlene’s mischievous younger, infuriating straight sister and Jody’s advocate and staunch supporter. Always on the look-out for ways to needle Lurlene, Adele comes and goes without warning.


Parrot. A looker, charmer and schemer, Parrot has all the makings of a scoundrel.  This con artist believes she hit the big time with her marriage to Lurlene, but the big time is about to hit Parrot right in the old proverbial kisser.


Nemo.   Salt of the earth, hard working, and loyal with occasional outbursts of political incorrectness. She is also obsessive and compulsive. Nemo will go to the ends of the earth for her friends and family.

Karen.  Karen and Nemo are the happy couple. Karen keeps Nemo in line and loves her beyond words. But don't cross her.


Frankie.  A guitar playing, jobless, homeless, relationship-less smart cookie. Frankie just can’t seem to catch a break and she has a secret she doesn’t even know she has. She lives in a run down van in the Wal-Mart parking lot while the comment, “If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all,” pounds in her ears.

Melanie (Mel) Demeter.  A recovering alcoholic and retired PE teacher who is trying to figure out what the hell is going on. She won the date with Lurlene, why didn’t she get to collect the prize?


Sunshine. Nemo and Karen’s daughter, this sweet kid is just one kickboxing event away from holding the key evidence in a murder investigation.


Dakota.  Sunshine’s best friend and confidante.

Detective Greer.   He really should retire but why bother when he loves solving puzzles. He needs a new suit, but that can wait until. Yeah, that can just wait. He loves burgers and fries.


Detective MacKenzie. Even if your Gaydar is slightly off, you’ll not have trouble detecting MacKenzie’s sexual preference. Athletic, chiseled features and under that wardrobe is a finely toned body ready for action. Detective MacKenzie is the one you want (especially if you’re a Lesbian) to solve the case.


 Penny Palmer the plumber from Pacoima and  her lovely Patty Polito.  Penny and Patty the Plumbers are filling up and spilling over with wisdom.


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