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A Soap Opera With a Pop

The idea for Lesbian Straits came as a result of unfinished scripts. I finally decided to combine ideas and turn them into a soap opera. That was about 8 years ago. I'm a runner and many of my ideas for the plots and the characters came to me during runs. I have a stack of revised scripts. I almost always hand-write first versions. I like the feel of paper and pen.

thru cobwebs.jpg

Facing the terrors of "Asylum," a mediocre video produced by Jody Evers, played by Amy Boyd. Poor Marty and Laura. Their lives will be forever haunted: by their performances or by their loathing of each other?

Six episodes have been written for the first season. And I've moved on to the second season. The beauty of a soap opera? Anything and everything goes. One has to keep that in mind. And then the ideas just "pop."

good of the 4.JPG

It's mystery, murder and mayhem and the obligatory triangles of Lesbian Straits. Left to right: Fontana Butterfield as the complicated Laura; Tina D'Elia as the ever-hopeful put upon Jill; Sarah Keene as the Lesbian lothario; Amy Boyd as the lost and befuddled Jody Evers.

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