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Lesbian straits

A soap opera with mystery, murder, and mayhem.
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Margo Dean Productions and Ken Butler & Associates are combining their 40 plus years of production experience to produce the soap opera Lesbian Straits. Margo began producing and directing when she was 7 years old. Since then, she has worked in broadcast and corporate, writing, producing and directing for ABC Network, Citibank, Lockheed, ESPN and an assortment of other companies. Ken is a Director of Photography in the film and television industry. From directing, producing, shooting, lighting, and editing, Ken has shot features, commercials, sports figures, presidents, princes, kings, movie stars, CEO's, kids, animals, cars, and scenics. Both Ken and Margo have won multiple awards. This is their first television series. Ken is happily married to a woman. As is Margo.

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